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A 15 minute scenes from On Rachmaninoff’s Birthday will be presented at Packawallop Productions Lounge Series directed by Scott Ebersold.  This event is very special as we are presenting five projects that Packawallop has helped develop during this year’s Pack meetings.  It’s a $10 donation and you get a great night of theater and a wine and cheese reception to follow.  Come check it out!

Make a reservation here (strongly recommended)


I have added a complete listing of my plays (link).  They are all available to sample.  Please contact me with any requests and I am happy to provide you with a hard copy or electronic file.

I have opened up a sister site to this one called A Short Steep (link).  I will be using it mostly for haiku or short poems (something I began experimenting with last year), snapshots taken with my iPhone . . . and other related content from the web.  It will be more in line with what lowercaseletter was becoming and I think the Tumblr format will be better for that sort of stuff.

For those of you who used to follow me on lowercaseletter, I have decided after much hemming and hawing to mothball that site and start something new.  This will be a site just for my playwriting and work with my company Packawallop Productions.  I think lowercaseletter will live on as a Tumblr site of some sort.

Stay tuned and I will be populating this with more information as time goes on.

Happy 2012.