(Samples/Scripts Available Upon Request)
(Note: two of these plays received extensive enough rewrites to merit separate entries.  Both silent concerto and marea are available in their most up to date incarnations) 

1994: the silent concerto v 1.0

Kurt, Burt and Mallory deal with love and heartbreak when they all move in together in 1990s New York City.
First version of this play.  Inaugural production by Packawallop Productions in February 1995, directed by Scott Ebersold

1998: sweaty palms

Leonora is tempted by a mysterious gypsy boy who haunts her father’s olive groves.  Their relationship unearths a secret that causes Leonora to face her abusive mother as the Spanish Civil War ignites.
Workshop presentation at Mabou Mines, directed by Alejandro Morales; Workshop at South Coast Repertory, directed by Lisa Portes

1999: sebastian

Federico, an amnesiac on vacation in Havana becomes obsessed with Sebastian, a hustler.  He follows Sebastian to an abandoned church, where Connie puts on a cabaret show and pimps out her wait staff.  Federico and Connie’s fixation on Sebastian threaten to undo both of them and the object of their desire.
First reading at New Dramatists, directed by Alejandro Morales; Workshop presentation at INTAR directed by Eduardo Vega; Reading at The Public Theater New Work Now directed by Peter DuBois
WINNER: Whitfield Cook Award 

2001: the silent concerto v 2.0

Naldo, Benny and Mallory deal with their respective relationships and professional disappointments over the course of ten years in their lives.
Reading at New Dramatists, directed by Lisa Portes 

2003: expat/inferno

Escaping post 9/11 New York en route to Paris, Danny encounters a mysterious French chanteuse that may hold the key to why Danny’s lover X keeps haunting him.
Reading at New Dramatists, directed by Scott Ebersold; Reading at The Public Theater New Work Now directed by Trip Cullman; Premiere Production at the New York International Fringe Festival, directed by Scott Ebersold
WINNER: Best Overall Achievement, New York International Fringe Festival
Published by NoPassport Press and IndieTheaterNow.com 

2004: marea v 1.0

Maria is obsessed with Italian cinema and a mysterious femme fatale draws her down a rabbit hole that leads to either insanity or liberation from a dark family secret.
Commission by The Public Theater; Workshop at the Public Theater directed by Annie Dorsen;  Workshop at New Dramatists directed by Debbie Saivetz
Published by NoPassport Press 

2005: the silent concerto v 3.0

Naldo, Benny and Mallory move in together in 1994 as Naldo attempts to write a play he continues to write and never finish.  As all three of them play out scenes from Chekhov, Noel Coward and Tori Amos, it becomes clear that unrequited love unites and frustrates them all.
Workshop reading at Tectonic Theater Project, directed by Scott Ebersold; Premiere production at the New York International Fringe Festival, directed by Scott Ebersold.
Revised one act version published by IndieTheaterNow.com 

2006: castle of blood

Alan Foster wagers with Count Blackwood that he can survive one night in Blackwood’s haunted manor.  What Foster didn’t expect was that he’d fall in love with Blackwood’s sister Elisabeth.  Inspired by the Antonio Margheriti cult film of the same name.
Workshop at New Dramatists, directed by Scott Ebersold. 

2008: the october crisis (to laura)

When singer Marguerite Stone receives a telegram from her estranged son Stevie, past and present collide on the eve of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Premiere Production at The New York International Fringe Festival, directed by Scott Ebersold; Reading of Revised Version at The Public Theater’s Spotlight Series, directed by Ken Russ Schmoll.
Published by IndieTheaterNow.com
WINNER: Best in Fringe, OffOffOff.com 

2009: william bell

When William Bell gets a job on a luxury liner making a Transatlantic Crossing, he is surprised to discover his boss Mr. Brown has other plans for him.  Inspired by Herman Melville’s Billy Budd.
Premiere production at Melvillepalooza at Metropolitan Playhouse, directed by Scott Ebersold. 

2009: marea v 2.0

Maria is obsessed with Monica Vitti and L’Avventura.  What she doesn’t know is this obsession holds the key to dark family secret that turns her mind into a horror film.
Workshop production at HERE Arts Center,  directed by Scott Ebersold
Revised version published by NoPassport Press 

2010: adrian on the island

When a chance encounter with a handyman named Baxter at a luxury beach resort causes Adrian to question his self-destructive affair with his boss Theo … causing a hurricane to develop both within Adrian and around the resort itself.
Reading at Working Theater, directed by Scott Ebersold 

2012: On Rachmaninoff’s Birthday

When Petronilla Gutierrez gets a chance to travel to Leningrad after the Cuban Revolution, she meets two Russian pianists who will change her life and the life of her daughter Sonya 20 years later.  Spanning 30 years, the play tells the story of impossible loves, revolution and the power of music.
Workshop reading at Packawallop Productions, directed by Scott Ebersold